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For those of you that know me, know that when I’m passionate about something – everyone knows it. Everyone knows that I can’t keep quiet when something or someone is unfair, unethical, or inhumane…

Keeping quiet is something I am battling with right now – these past few months honestly. I won’t go too much into detail about what this all entails, but have faith in me that I’m not quiet towards important occurrences and/or situations.. my voice is heard when shits not right – I promise. I’m learning to speak, when it matters.. when my voice will initiate change and hold substance, but most importantly – speaking when people at the table will listen.

Part of my frustration comes from the following:…

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Hot flashes are hiding

Hi everyone!

The hot flashes are subsiding considerably.  I’m not doing anything different, but I just know they are hiding and coming back with a vengeance.  You see, I go about my day and I feel one coming on…I prepare for the onslaught of fire inside my body…but then it goes away…Such a bitch!!!

Oh and lately the mood swings have been more manageable.  So this is good stuff…right??

I just know its not over, not by a long run.

Anyone have any advice?

Stuff you DID NOT learn in kindergarten!

Just saying…..I probably did get through the major parts of life with what I learned in kindergarten…yea, but then came the hot flashes, oh and the irregular monthly friend, who has decided to be just a bitch…oh and yes the big flab of fat around your belly that just won’t go away, no matter how hard you try.  The best one… are these G-D mood swings!!!  What the hell hormones, I successfully birthed and raised 4  children, give me a freaking break!  I  mean was Eve that bad!!  What did Adam  get???? premature balding?

Just a side not, I am certain God has his reasons for everything, but I’m human, so I get to comment  🙂

They say when you go through the “change” the hormone that helped you be a great mommy, like the nurturing, loving, would die for my children feeling hormone…is slowly leaving or decreasing in your system.  Ahhhhh, that must be the reason i want to bash my kids heads through brick walls daily!

Doc says (a man) ”  oh you are just in pre menopause, the real stuff hasn’t hit yet.  I can give you meds, but there is a possible side effect of breast cancer, just keep doing what you are doing and if it gets unbearable give me a call I will get you some medication”

Yea ok doc, like Im calling you so I can take the medicine that will (possibly) give me breast cancer.

So, I have tried all the supplement stuff and EVERYONE you ask has a new miracle supplement that doesn’t do butkas.

How long does this last, you ask…oh it can be years!!  thats right, years and it doesn’t always happen to every female.  So you get to decide if the bitch getting on you about something is just a plain old bitch or a completely wonderful woman who is just having some “change” issues.  Change my ass…This is not change its firkin torture that eventually will subside and you come out of it being the same person you were before the G-D ‘change”.  Except you may be in a different place like prison because during this damn “change” you actually caused some damage.

Well, thats it for tonight.  I think a bunch of folks will say, oh… “take Black great”.  Well……no it doesn’t, I even tried taking a whole bottle ..jk, and if that shit really worked I want to buy stock in the company or grow some of that crap…what is black kohash anyway……..

live long and prosper